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Spark curiosity in your children, help them realize their true potential 🙌

Quest Categories

We offer series of Quests for various future-ready skills such as Cyber Awareness, Cryptos, Financial Literacy and much more!

Skills relevant for the future of work

Proven techniques to elevate your child's self-development, analytical thinking, creativity and cognitive skills.

Track Progress with AI

Assign tasks to children and track their growth with AI-powered analytics

Scientific Reward System

Incentivise your children to learn new skills with rewards and badges

Professional Recommendations

Our Global Quests are curated by a panel of experts

Four Simple Steps

Get your children to learn new skills in four easy steps! 🙌

Parents add their children on Quest 📲

Parents assign quests to children 🧭

Children complete the quests and gain points 💯

Children redeem points for rewards 🎉

Learning re-imagined

Bite-sized learning to develop skills relevant for the next-generation influencers 🤩

Create Quests

Create a quest from our range of innovative global quest, or come up with one of your own.

Add rewards

Get incentives for your efforts with reward points.

Track Progress

Create goals and track progress from our dashboard.

See the whole picture

Visualize your child's all-round development and get valuable insights into their progress in various skill sets.

Turn screen time into productivity

The key is to engage them into thinking and creating. Let them discover that learning is fun!

Learn and Earn

Incentivise your children to fuel their passion for learning in 3 easy steps. ✨

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