7 Fun Music Quests

The Quests app is a great way to help kids build all manner of skills. In addition to being a great way to manage household chores and keep track of homework, the Quests app can also be used to build extracurricular skills. One great one is building music skills. Adding Quests can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, with any kind of rewards that you think your family would find engaging and motivating. Try assigning your children with some of these fun musical tasks and see how far it takes them!

1. Practice an instrument for twenty minutes

If your child plays an instrument at home, you can simply assign them to do some daily practice. Have them take a video of what they’ve been practicing to turn it in so you can see their progress!

2. Choreograph a dance to your favorite song

This is a great way to get your kids excited about music and moving their bodies. Have them pick whatever song they love the most and choreograph a dance to it! Then they can take a video of their finished product to turn in their Quest.

3. Complete a basic music theory worksheet

It’s easy and fun to introduce some music theory curriculum at home. Find some worksheets online for concepts like musical notation, rhythm, or harmony. Then have them complete it and snap a picture to turn in their Quest.

4. Write your own song and perform it

It can be a simple little one-verse song or an elaborate opera. Having your child write a song is a great way to expand their creativity and musicality while giving them a fun and productive project to spend an afternoon doing. Then they can take a video to send you that will make for a beautiful keepsake!

5. Make an instrument out of household items and play a song on it

It’s a music project and a craft activity all in one! It’s easy enough to make a tambourine out of some paper plates and beads, or your child might get extra creative by making a guitar out of an old cooking pot and some string. Whatever they come up with, they will learn about music, rhythm, and construction.

6. Play a music theory game for twenty minutes

There are lots of wonderful ways to learn about musical theory, notation, chords, harmonies, melody, and rhythm. To make it simple for your kids, find an age-appropriate game or software that teaches these concepts and assign them to play it for a set amount of time.

7. Learn and perfect a new dance move

Will they choose to learn how to turn a perfect pirouette? Will they spend the afternoon on the floor trying to do the worm? Whatever the pick, they’ll get a chance to build new muscles, pick out a new skill, and spend some time working on their musicality by learning a new dance move. Have them send you a video of their new skill as evidence of their hard work!

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