Managing household chores can be a huge undertaking. Getting your kids involved in keeping up on household maintenance can be a huge relief for your workload, and it can teach them important lessons about responsibility and self-discipline. Getting them to actually do the work, however, is another matter entirely. That’s where the Quests app can step in and make the process smooth for your entire household. Use these simple tips for using the Quests app to turn your household chores into a well-oiled machine.

1. Create compelling rewards

The most important element for the Quests app is creating rewards for your family that are powerfully motivating enough. The next time your child asks for something at the store, consider whether it might be a great item to use as a Quests reward! You could use something as simple as some candy or as big as a new gaming console.

Rewards don’t have to be limited to material items, either. They can be a fun outing to the zoo, getting to pick dinner for the week, or going out to a favorite restaurant. Having an activity as a reward can be just as motivating as a physical item! 

2. Rotate the chores

Routine is nice, but having some variety can make the monotony of housework into something a little more exciting. If you have multiple kids, have the responsibilities switch between them. It’s easy on the Quests app to quickly rearrange different tasks for different children, so changing up the chore schedule is simple and quick to do. Then your kids won’t be quite so frustrated at sweeping the floors for the fiftieth time! 

3. Add in some fun tasks

There’s very little joy to be had in washing dishes, but there may be some tasks around the house that your kids wouldn’t mind getting to take care of for you. Older kids and teenagers might have a lot of fun pressure washing the walkway or cooking dinner. Even young children can contribute in fun ways around the house, like setting up holiday decorations or making a snack for the family.

4. Teach new skills

The Quests app is a great way to motivate kids to learn new skills in pursuit of contributing to the household and gaining more independence. You can set up a Quests for your kids to do something they’ve never tried before, with the goal in mind of having them try out something new, learn independently, and accomplish something they’re proud of. Learning a new recipe, trying out a new skill, or taking responsibility for a new task can feel extra rewarding – and if they are offered extra points on their Quests app for completing it, they’ll get the chance to be rewarded for their extra effort and growth! 

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