How Quest App Helps Teens

As children reach their teenage years, parenting can get a little tricky. You want to continue to support their independence and have them learn the necessary skills they’ll need to become adults and live on their own. However, getting them to listen and pay attention to what you have to say can become a daily power struggle. Avoiding conflict and keeping things smooth can be a challenge when you’re also trying to make sure they’re growing into a healthy adult. Using the Quest app can help you balance the two while providing your teen with the tools they need to grow up well.

  1. Time management skills

One of the great learning opportunities of the Quests app is giving a child a chance to manage their time on their own schedule. When a parent is hanging overhead reminding a teenager to do their chores, they don’t learn anything about how to appropriately manage their own time so that they can accomplish everything they need to. With the Quests app, teens get friendly reminders about their to-do list, but ultimately the responsibility of fitting it all into their schedule is their own responsibility. When they can manage their time responsibly, they can get great rewards and build their work ethic!

  1. Life skills

A parent’s greatest fear is their child leaving the nest without the knowledge needed to take care of themself. Tasks like doing the laundry, washing dishes, cooking food, and turning in their assignments all need to be mastered before they move out on their own. The Quests app can be a great way to make sure that they have a chance to get lots of practice in each of these skills! You can even avoid having to remind and nag them by simply assigning it as a Quest for them to complete. No hassle at all! 

  1. Validation

While teenagers crave independence and freedom, they also crave the acknowledgment and validation of their hard work. Going through adolescence is hard work, and they deserve to be rewarded! Having the added measure of having each of their successes documented, with tangible goals and rewards, is a great way to make sure that teenagers have a chance to feel seen and appreciated within their families. 

  1. Simpler communication

If you and your teenager are always in the middle of screaming matches about getting their homework done or their chores completed, you could probably use a middleman for your family’s communication! One of the great benefits of the Quest app is that it takes the work and conflict out of assigning tasks to your child. There’s no need to nag, remind, or enlist them – and there’s no chance for them to backtalk or sass you about it! Sharing a simple app for assigning and completing tasks takes the struggle out of task delegation and brings a lot more peace to family life.

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