Parenting in the digital world

How often have we heard people complain about the struggle that comes with parenting?

Parents, more often than not, underestimate how big a job they have on the table. With social media and technology in the picture, we see most parents complaining about their children being stuck to gadgets all-day long. While only few realised that their children’s screen time could actually be put to their advantage until the pandemic hit, and the world as we knew ceased to exist.

In 2020, the whole world moved from being physically present in the room to being present in zoom and so did classrooms and schooling. Technology has drastically changed how the world worked earlier and is ingrained in our day-to-day activities. Children, like everyone else in this era, are no different. Digital mediums such as smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles are a significant part of their life.

While this is something most parents won’t be ecstatic about, parents can use these tools and their children’s interest in technology to integrate fun and learning into an otherwise ordinary routine like having them prepare their own timetable, communicating and promoting constructive and safe uses of the technology in hand.

Digital parenting simply describes parental practices for regulating their children’s activities in the digital environment. With this being said, parents will also have the control over their children’s access to the content available on the internet and can also guide them towards the basic digital learning that would be required in their occupation in the near future. 

Their parental efforts of comprehending and supporting their children’s activities with technology will not only make their children independent but will also make the parents aware of their existing skills. In this process, parents would be able to understand the areas where he/she is lacking and help them develop those skills.

The major advantage that the digital world holds is the usage of technology for effective lifestyle, from shopping groceries to paying bills, from office work to schooling, everything can be done over the screen. Therefore, parents too are required to become more tech savvy than earlier and we all know that today’s children have an early approach to technologies, so when the child’s technological knowledge and competence somewhere overcomes that of their parents, they can act as an active teaching agent for their parents, so the learning works both ways.


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