The Best Ways to Encourage Girls to Take Up STEM

The 11th of February is International Day of Women and Girls in Science, when people from all over the world celebrate the accomplishments of women in the social, economic, cultural, and political spheres. This year’s theme is #BeyondTheBorders, a call to action to drive gender balance worldwide in terms of education, economic opportunities, political status, health, and many other factors. Or to put it another way, it’s encouraging gender equality in every corner of the world, from boardrooms to government to wealth to sports.

Why Does Such Gender Parity Matter?

In many cases, we do not even realize that there is an imbalance until we are put in situations such as the ones mentioned above. There aren’t a lot of women across a boardroom. It’s important because the world we experience in work, business, school, and entertainment should reflect the diversity of this world. “Boys are better at math.” According to a report published in the journal Science, parents and teachers are consistently convinced that boys are better at math than girls. The study’s lead researcher, Janet Hyde, says that thinking like that prohibits girls and women from pursuing high-quality, lucrative careers in science and technology. Women still lag far behind in fields like physics and engineering even though forty-eight percent of undergraduate degrees in math are earned by women today.

According to, only 12% of American undergraduate computer science students are female despite half of the population being female.

How Do You Inspire Girls to Get into STEM?

In order to promote gender equality in careers, it is essential to get rid of stereotypes. Women empower other women. Therefore, giving young girls the opportunity to interact with women who have had successful experiences in STEM would help them find the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Break Stereotypes and Build Self-Confidence

All things techie is no longer associated with boys, even girls play video games. Quest helps build the traits (confidence, boldness, thoughtfulness) and the skills (technical knowledge, teamwork, leadership, entrepreneurship) your daughter will need to succeed in fields such as software engineering, video game design, content creation, and more.

Encourage girls to surround themselves with industry professionals

The best thing you can do is to encourage girls to surround themselves with positive influences from technical industries. The creators of Quest have a STEM background or are graduates who work in fields like computer science, graphic design, and cyber security. Insider tips and information about majors and careers of interest can be gleaned from people with experience in pursuing technical degrees. For a top tip, follow Quest on social media to learn more about the skills needed for careers in STEM and other fields.

Collaboration is the key to success

In order to make a positive impact on women, we must encourage teamwork among them and give them a safe space to discuss their ideas and collaborate in small groups. There is no limit to what women can accomplish when they learn to rely on one another to brainstorm, solve problems, and find inspiration.

Change the World Through Technology and Beneficence

In addition to helping the girls brainstorm ideas, we also guide them in determining how technology can be used as a tool to make a positive impact in their local community and beyond. If they put themselves out there and show their true colours, it will motivate them to do so confidently and proudly.

The combination of technology with important causes resonates with many young girls, giving them the chance to see the impact of their efforts while holding their interest.

Provide girls with the tools they need to pursue their dreams

Women should be connected with people who are passionate about STEM, have technical skills, and are genuinely committed to helping young girls to realize their dreams.

Nowadays, it is crucial to have diversified skillsets and a well-rounded personality in order to succeed. Combining technology skills, humour, social awareness, inspiration, and friendship, instructors can help girls realize that anything is possible and that their career and college goals are within reach.

The Bottom Line

It has been found that providing girls with adequate support and role models when discussing STEM can have a profound effect on their technical skills and their sense of self-worth. With technology at the forefront of everything we do, we strive to empower women around the world who will make a positive contribution to society through entrepreneurship, and leadership.

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