The Quest app is a great way to get the most out of your child’s day and enrich their environment with technology. Make the most out of your Quest app experience with these top ten tips for parents.

1. Vary the tasks

To keep the Quest app fun for your kids, it’s important to keep mixing things up! While your primary motivation for using the app might be managing chores or keeping them on top of their learning, including other tasks from all categories of quests will help them enjoy the gamified elements of Quest.

2. Provide compelling rewards

Help your kids find their motivation by providing some highly motivating rewards for their completed quests. You might pick a fun dinner out as a family, some extra screen time, or a special privilege. Let them get excited about meeting their goals!

3. Break down academics

When using the Quest app for your child’s learning, make the goals bite-sized. Rather than having a 100-point quest for “Write history paper,” make four 25-point goals that are for smaller steps, like “write the rough draft of history paper” or “check for spelling errors.” Making quests feel achievable will motivate kids to get them done sooner.

4. Follow their interests

When creating new quests for your child to learn, start with something they’ll be excited about. A budding artist might appreciate being given a quest to paint a picture or try a new artistic technique, while an avid reader will be excited to see the opportunity to be rewarded for finishing a chapter of their book.

5. Engage in new learning

The Quest app is a great chance to have kids broaden their horizons. Assign quests to try a new sport, book, or hobby. You might even assign a quest for your child to visit a museum or aquarium! It’s a great chance for kids to get motivated to expand their world.

6. Make a chore routine

One of the best ways parents can save themselves a headache is to use the Quest app to ensure their kids complete their daily chores. It’s also a great way to make sure that kids get reminded and motivated to finish them without needing constant parental nagging.

7. Utilize global quests

Rather than thinking up a brand new quest each day, use Global Quests! Browse through the existing library of possible quests to get new inspiration. It will save you time and maybe help encourage your children to try new things!

8. Learn time management strategies

As part of their practice using the Quest app, talk with your children about time management strategies. Help them come up with ways to use their time to the best of their ability to get the most quests done. It will help them earn their rewards faster and give them a lifelong lesson on responsibility!

9. Encourage technological literacy

Growing up in the 21st century, it’s critical for kids to be able to navigate technology with ease. Teaching your children to manage their own Quest app will allow them to gain critical technological literacy skills to prepare them for their future.

10. Embrace independence

The Quest app is fantastic for fostering independence in children. They’ll have a chance to control their own schedule and accomplish their goals in their own way. Not only will it motivate them to complete their work, but also to be driven and self-sufficient.

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